Same Coffee, Fresh Aroma: Learn How To Store Right!

Photo Credit: summerbl4ck via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: summerbl4ck via Compfight cc

If you desire the ‘out-of-the-pack’ freshness in your cup of coffee every time you brew some, right storage is integral.

Unlike most food items which you can store in a variety of conditions without getting affected anyway …for coffee you need to be extra careful!

Coffee, in both ground and bean form, can deteriorate quickly if exposed to oxygen, light, moisture or extreme temperature conditions. Thus, it is very important that you learn to store coffee in the best possible way if you want to enjoy its fresh flavor in every cup!

How is coffee affected if you don’t store it properly?

  • Coffee will soak up the flavors of the adjacent pantry items. And you will get the odor of those items when you sip on the brewed cup of coffee.
  • If you store the coffee beans in decorative and glass canisters to make the coffee beans look beautiful, you will compromise with its taste. The coffee will become stale and its fresh flavor will quickly go away.
Now, the most important question… how can you ensure proper storage of coffee? Let’s find out!

Right ‘Places’ For Storing Coffee: Store your coffee in

  • Cool, dry and dark places like the cabinets of your kitchen
  • Warm places like next to or above the oven and cabinets where they will get optimum heat
  • If you are using opaque and airtight storage vessels, you can also place them on countertops that are far away from direct sunlight
Coffee Container Types: the container you use for storing coffee is very important. You can use
  • Glass, ceramic and non-reactive metal containers to ensure fresh and flavorsome coffee
  • You can also store it in clear plastic and clear glass canisters provided that the canisters are kept in a cool and dark place
  • To store it on the countertop, use opaque and airtight containers.

Do not store coffee in FreezerTo Freeze or Not To Freeze: freezing coffee is not a good idea because it will ruin the flavor of the coffee completely. Freezing coffee will cause some of the essential and flavorsome oils of the coffee to break down. And by the time you will drink the coffee it will taste just like the inside of the freezer. However, if you happen to have found a great deal with bulk coffee then you might want to freeze it. For that purpose you need heat-sealed bags or, airtight foil and you can store the coffee for a maximum period of one month. And don’t forget that if you have opened the coffee bag, do not return it to the freezer. The coffee will lose its flavor with repeated freezing.

Valve-sealed or vacuum-sealed coffee

Vacuum-sealed coffee will age quickly because the coffee will release gas as its freshness goes away. It will cause the packaging to expand and even burst! With valve sealed coffee, however, the gas released from the coffee will escape out without letting any gas/air from outside come in. And valve-sealed coffee remains fresh longer when compared to vacuum-sealed coffee. However, in both cases coffee should be consumed within a maximum of two weeks after opening.

How to ensure the freshness of the coffee?

If it is Ground coffee beans, consume it within a maximum of two weeks after roasting and for whole beans you can extend the time period up to one month.

On the other hand, storing green coffee beans (unroasted immature or mature beans) is much easier. If stored as mentioned before, it might stay fresh for as long as one year. After you have roasted them, store them either in an airtight container or valve-sealed bags.
Friis Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel
However, having said all this, here is an example of what an ideal coffee container should be like. The Friis Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel keeps your coffee fresh and flavorsome and can store up to 16 ounces of whole or ground coffee. Consumers were happy with this product and perhaps you will be too!

Coffee is enjoyed the best when enjoyed the freshest!

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